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Perfect Eggs Yolk Mixing Whisk

Perfect Eggs Yolk Mixing Whisk

Perfect Eggs Yolk Mixing Whisk

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No shell breaking: no shell breaking and shaking during the whole process, eg g white and egg yolk are not in contact with air, so the eggs made are cleaner and safer Rope design: high-quality high-density rope, good wear resistance and high strength.




Easy to operate, pull the rope and the machine started to spin, during which it will relax the hand muscle and make you or kids happy.





The shaker is suitable for eggs of all shapes and sizes, great for eg gs yolk and white perfectly mixed together.





Perfect egg cooking tool, make your egg more nutritional, beautiful and delicious.

Eggs taken out of the refrigerator are recommended for 2-3 minutes.





Material: ABS


Package Included:1* Egg Scrambler Shaker Whisk

The high density pulling rope, good wear resistance, high strength, long service life.

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